As a service to all parents and children from other primary schools in the area, Oak Hill Academy offers an Afterschool Care and Holiday Programme (Grade R-7). The programme ensures that children spend their afternoons doing constructive activities, completing homework with assistance, helping your child with his/her projects and having supervised fun with friends in a secure environment. The programme allows us to take care of your child/children every weekday, or a few days of the week, or as the need arises.



FEES 2020: 13h00 until 18h00 R1100 (excluding holiday care)

Paid on or before the last day of each month in advance. (January – December. A pro-rata rate will be charged in January and December)


* Qualified staff to assist and supervise with homework, projects and studies.

* A nutritious home cooked lunch, sandwiches and juice.

* All school Sports, Chess, Drama and Public Speaking

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Please pay in cash to office

Ad-Hoc Holiday Care (Full Day): R 150 per day

Ad-Hoc Holiday Care (Mornings): R 80 (06:30 – 13:30)

Ad-Hoc Holiday Care (Afternoons): R 70 (13:30 – 18:00)

Remedial Classes R500 per month


The rates quoted are payable monthly (incl. December), in advance, on or before the last day of each month.

Please note that afterschool fees are payable in full – even when your child is sick or you are going on holiday, to ensure your child’s place, when he/she returns. Interest/penalty fees will be levied on any fees paid after the last day of each month.

Should a parent or guardian fail to make payment for a period of 1 (one) month, the school reserves the right to refuse entry to the child until such time as the school fees have been paid up to date, and the parent or guardian has signed a debit order authorisation or paid the balance of the year’s fees in advance. NB! – Only Afterschool Fees to be paid into Little Bean’s bank account. All other payments to be made to the office in cash.


* One calendar month‘s written notice is required or one month‘s fee in lieu thereof.

* No notice will be accepted during October and November.


Please ensure that your child has sufficient stationery with which to do their homework. These will be kept at school. Pencil case, coloured pencils, Koki’s, grey tri-plus pencil, a pair of scissors, Pritt glue, sharpener and eraser. These must please be marked.


Rekha – 084 607 5502 for safe and reliable transport from school and extra mural activities to afterschool care.


The school will be closed on all Public Holidays and from early December to mid January of each year, and over long weekends. The exact dates will be available from the office.


• Oak Hill Academy must be notified immediately of ANY CHANGE IN YOUR ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBERS.

• For the safety of all concerned – no children with contagious illnesses may come to Oak Hill Academy. Should a child with a

contagious illness arrive at the school, the school shall have the right to refuse the child entry or if the child is already at the

school, the school shall have the right to phone the parents or guardian to collect the child immediately. The child shall be kept in

the office until collected. Also, children with head lice will be sent home immediately.

• Please let us know when someone else will be collecting your child, by phone call or written notification. Only a phone call from

parents will be accepted, not from aunts or grandparents etc.


On enrolment, your fingerprint will be registered to grant you access to the property. Please escort your child into the property and hand

him/her over to the teacher on duty. Do not allow your child to enter the premises unaccompanied. Please do not allow anyone to enter

the premises with you.


Children must bring a change of clothing as they will not be allowed to play outside in their uniforms. All clothing must be clearly marked.


Homework will be assisted, encouraged and supervised, but the onus remains on the parents to see that all homework is completed.


Children must always adhere to school rules and After-School Care Centre rules .

• No foul language is to be used by pupils

• No bullying or unruly behaviour will be tolerated

• The chewing of gum is prohibited

• No eating or drinking is allowed in class

• Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated

• Theft will not be tolerated



Please take note of the afterschool care programme, this will be followed daily. Lunch will only be served up until 14h00, please

ensure if your child does extra murals and will arrive late at afterschool care to pack them a lunch for while they are at extra murals.

Homework will be done between 14h00 and 15h00; if your child is collected early or arrives late then homework may not be

completed. Please make sure you check the file to see if it has been signed off as done. If your child has any project that needs to

be done at afterschool care please make sure you send all material needed to complete the project.

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