The curriculum at Oak Hill Academy is based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) as designed by the Department of Education. The teachers work hard to develop lessons that are relevant and exciting for our learners.

Our teachers use black boards and introduces practical activities for teaching and learning. We organize educational presentations at the school and at educational venues. Our aim is to keep our learners informed of current events. The CAPS curriculum is extensive and covers a range of subjects.  The CAPS Curriculum has a foundation phase (Grade R-3) and an intermediate phase (Grade 4-7). Our teacher pupil ratio is small, and this makes it easy for our teachers to give your child one-on-one attention when needed. Grade R school readiness tests are done in June every year.




Bridging the gap between pre-school and primary school is fundamentally important in a child’s life. This grade is essential in setting the groundwork in preparation for a childs formal schooling and life. The importance of Grade R document can be downloaded for a full overview on the subject.



Learners study three languages; English – as a Home Language (HL), Afrikaans – as their First Additional Language (FAL) and Zulu as an additional language. In the Foundation Phase (Grade R-3), learners also study Mathematics and Life Skills





Please read this note for details about our Foundation Phase Homework Program.

We will provide each child with a homework package. This will change from week to week. This will come home every Monday with an outline of the homework for that week. The pupil will be given an entire week to complete it, which allows flexibility in your hectic evening schedules. The homework package must be returned to school daily but will be collected and corrected on a Friday.


Some of the work is to be done right on the sheets, in the homework package, and some other work is to be done in books, or on the sheets provided.

Please return all homework reading books, workbooks, communication books and Diaries in your child’s book bag daily. The book pack will protect the books from spills, and wear and tear. Please note that there is a charge of R100 per book that gets damaged. Your child will unfortunately not be able to receive another reader until the damaged one has been paid for.


Please work with your child to make sure that their work is neat, spelled correctly, and is complete. If you find that you are doing lots of editing or if your child needed lots of assistance, please write a quick note by the work. This will assist the teacher in programming for your child.

If your child has fallen behind on an activity from the classroom or was away, we may ask them to catch up during break or we may send the work home, so that they may catch up. We will write a note in the communication book in these instances.


Our policy is that there should be about thirty minutes of homework each day. This doesn’t include reading. If you find that it is taking your child a great deal longer than this, could you please inform your child’s teacher, and we will work together to make it more manageable.

Please remember to sign your child’s homework and Reading log every day.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school or by email.




In Grade 4, our learners will be doing Afrikaans as their FAL and are required to continue with their choice until Grade 7. 

In the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-6), our learners will study English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology, Social Science (History & Geography) and Life Skills. 


Our Grade 7 learners will study English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science 

(History & Geography), Economic Management Science, Art & Culture, Technology and 

Life Orientation.



We have an Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist who would be able to assist you and your child with any school relatedproblems.


Extra academic lessons are available after school Monday to Thursday by invitation of the teacher should it be determined that your child needs the lessons.


All aftercare children will have homework supervision.